Who is Patricia Kahill?

Patricia Kahill is a multipotentialite, lover of Jesus Christ, and Content Marketer who helps brands create meaningful engagements online using content items for online marketing purpose under her company Kahill Insights – Content Marketing Agency, a Content Marketing Coach, and author of ‘Make Social Media Work For You’ book.

Why she stands out

She is the Founder of Kahill Insights Company Limited is a digital marketing boutique business with a specialty in Content Creation and Marketing for online platforms with a focus on returning the client’s desired outcome. The business was created in 2013 as a sole proprietorship and in 2015 it was incorporated as a private company limited by shares.

With the help of online tools, they  managed to get 30,000 signatures for a petition against Tobacco use, the Government of Uganda under the Ministry of Health through the Ugandan Parliament was able to have the Tobacco Control Act 2015 passed.

At Kahill Insights, they have been able to carry out not less than 150 training and coaching sessions both for individuals and groups under the organization and specially organized. 

We pride ourselves on being the first digital content creation and marketing company in Uganda.

Patricia wrote a book in 2021 called ‘Make Social Media Work for You –The Art of Social Selling’ that come to the market in February 2022

She has  mentored and supervised who have gone off to do extraordinary and exceptional things in the different sectors they joined. Many are now digital marketing managers; others have opened their own marketing agencies to grow the sector.

Academic Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree from Mbarara University of Science and Technology, a certificate from Adweek Institute on Online Brand Marketing and now pursuing a certificate from Content Marketing Institute. All these are digital marketing related qualifications that have impacted my marketing skills online.

She preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ to others, Pray, and watch movies mainly Korean dramas, read and listen to books and podcasts.

Her side hustle is Kahill Insights – a Content Marketing Agency that creates engaging and interactive content items that return on client’s desired outcome

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