In recent years, hundreds of inspiring women in marketing have made great strides in achieving gender equality. Even better, research by Evolve Africa found that of the 340 companies we sampled in 2023, 65% of marketing jobs in Uganda now are held by women

This improvement in gender diversity in marketing is great news and reflects the tenacity of women in marketing across the world.

To celebrate this, we have put together a list of 20 inspiring female marketing leaders who have found success in marketing both present and past. From trailblazing CMOs to C-suite extra ordinaires to Entrepreneurs, these women are innovative, creative walking and talking the talk.

Whether they are at an agency, leading a corporate brand, or working across industries, we are thankful they are helping lead the way forward

For this inaugural Women in Marketing -Uganda Honors 2024, we recognize 20 marketing leaders selected based on qualitative analysis and consideration from marketing industry leaders and Evolve Africa editors, who reviewed them and whose entrepreneurial spirit and actions are have helped/helping transform not only their brands but marketing, commerce and, often, business itself.


To create this ranking, we sent out questionnaires and collected information from CEOs, CFOs, and other primary sources. Only Marketers of Ugandan origin were considered.

We ranked them based on:

  • The impact that they have had on the industry, their company, and the teams that they serve.
  • The Marketer’s overall experience and time in their current role.

  The Marketer’s professional qualifications in their current role.

    • The achievements and performance of the Marketer in the last years.
    • The recognitions, awards, innovations and initiatives that the Marketer has implemented in the past and present.
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