The most accomplished Ugandans in marketing in 2021/2 and in the past must have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the following areas over the past 24 months and few in the past based on:

1. Leadership

  • Influenced their brand’s overall business strategy, providing thought leadership, operational leadership, and valued expertise.
  • Contributed to the positive development of their teams, stakeholders, and strategic partners to ensure better, more effective, and inclusive marketing acumen.
  • Highly regarded by peers in the industry and is a thought leader and expert, flying the flag for the marketing profession.

2. Business & Brand building

  • Consistently grown their brands and produced work that makes a difference to their business and/or the Ugandan marketing landscape.
  • Positively contributed to their organization’s triple bottom line through insightful, innovative, and creative marketing strategies that deliver to their organization’s overall purpose.

3. Modern Marketing

  • Proven track record in developing and delivering innovative, integrated, and relevant marketing strategies based on sound analytics and analysis, which has resulted in the delivery of a better overall customer experience.
  • Thorough understanding of the digital environment, the role that their brands hold within it, and have successfully delivered their brand proposition through these channels with proven results.

4. Internal Culture

  • Evolved their brands/teams to be more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and better able to respond to consumer needs and build happier, more engaged teams internally.
  • Continually strived to build a highly productive culture in their organizations.

The Fellows

Industry legends

The Mavericks

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