August was a very exciting month on the marketing calendar with over 15 key campaigns across various sectors.

The following top 5 campaigns stood out for us based on the criterial below.

  • Big idea(s)
  • Integration of communications across various platforms
  • Execution
  • Achievement of Objectives
    1. The Rotary Centenary Bank Cancer run

    The long-awaited Rotary Cancer Run happened on September 4th at Kololo ceremonial grounds in a physical event this time round with over 40,000 attendees.

    This 2022 run marked the 11th edition as an annual event organized since 2012 by Rotarians and Centenary Bank to bridge the gap in the fight against the cancer scourge.

    In May this year, construction of the Bunkers commenced and a total cost of constructing these is over Ugx 13.5bn

    Main sponsors Centenary Bank committed UGX. 150M towards the preparation of this year’s Cancer Run. The bank confirmed that from 2016 to 2021, at least 2.3bn was available in the bank, and are aiming to raise UShs11.2billion to complete the construction of the Bunkers which will house the modern cancer screening and treatment machines; the Linear Accelerators in the coming runs.


    Registration for the Rotary Cancer Run 2022 started at all Centenary Bank Branches in Kampala, Rotary Cancer Programme Uganda Offices in Muyenga, Uganda Rotary office on 9th Floor NIC Building and Capital shoppers outlets, at only 25,000 shillings. Over 40,000 attendees bought these kits making it the most attended event so far this year.

    Over the years, the Rotary Cancer Run has attracted over 50,000 participants annually from Uganda and the diaspora who have supported either through direct donations, charity drives, or by attending the run to raise funds to set up facilities for Cancer treatment in Uganda.

    The 11th edition of the annual Rotary Cancer Run was sponsored by Centenary Bank, Parliament of Uganda, supported by New Vision, Rwenzori, MAAD Advertisement among others.

    Kudos to all the brands involved in organizing this amazing CSR campaign.


    1. The 30th Anniversary of Monitor Publications

    Thirty years ago, audiences woke up at the crack of dawn to buy The Monitor newspaper to read about news on the Cabinet reshuffle and the release of student exams—two events that usually provided the largest circulation numbers. Television audiences tuned in for appointment viewership during prime time.

    Daily Monitor was pulled through a dingy basement to putting up its own home despite ‘government denial’ of adverts and threats.  

    Not all companies thrive for all that period of time, several others fail mostly because of managerial issues or some other challenges hence worth celebrating.


    The campaign that started beginning of 2022 was later formally given a grand finale.

    The 30th Anniversary of Monitor Publications Ltd happened at Kampala Serena Hotel on August 4, 2022.

    This was a high-end invite only event with its key stakeholders to celebrate 3 decades of telling the truth.

    Various brand followed with congratulatory messages on all platforms

    Congratulations to the teams at Daily Monitor Publications upon this great milestone. 

    1. FINCA Uganda at 30

    The Year 2022 marks 30 years of FINCA Uganda (MDI) celebrations and they did that in a big campaign with various activities including CSR.

    The big idea

    Part of FINCA’s core values is to support growth in all its ramifications

    As part of the 30th anniversary celebrations that started beginning of year, FINCA Uganda in partnership with National Forestry Authority (NFA) embarked on a forest restoration initiative worth Ugx 100,000,000 restoring sixty (60) hectares of forest land.

    The exercise will cover a period of five (5) years and the restoration planting will be spread ten (10) central forest reserves across the country.

    The first restoration planting was launched in Bajo Central Forest Reserve (CFR) in Bbaale constituency, Kayunga district.


    The function was graced by the Minister of State for Finance Amos Lugoolobi and Ntenjeru Member of Parliament, the FINCA Board Chair-Olive Lumonya, the Executive Director National Forestry Authority, FINCA International Board Representatives as well as the FINCA Uganda management committee, NFA staff and communities adjacent to Bajo CFR.

    FINCA is cognizant of the need to preserve the environment for the present and future generations. At the end of this 5-year period, the brand should have restored over 60 hectares of forest cover.

    Congratulations to FINCA Uganda (MDI) upon this milestone and kudos to all the partners involved in crafting this 30th anniversary campaign.

    1. Rocket Health `Awo ku near`

    Rocket Health is a telemedicine provider, operating a 24/7 call centre manned by qualified and licensed medical doctors.

    With remote doctor consultations, mobile laboratory sample pick-ups and pharmacy deliveries, Rocket Health offers a unique end-to end experience that guarantees quality, reliable and convenient healthcare.
    For medical assistance, customers simply dial *280#

    About the campaign

    The campaign to launch a second clinic in Gayaza and was dubbed “AWO Ku Near” which picks inspiration from Allan Toniks’ latest hit, Awo

    People of Gayaza and surrounding areas have been traveling long distances to get quality health services, and to be able to use their health insurance but now Rocket Health is now bringing all these services `awo ku near` for the people of Gayaza and its neighborhood.  

    The new clinic is well positioned to address challenges of high transport costs to health facilities, limited specialist services, and equipment at health facilities among others that communities have been facing.

    The clinic offers immunization, minor surgeries, antenatal care, Cancer screening, family planning and Wellness check-ups services

    This is the second clinic after the one situated along Lumumba Avenue in Kampala.


    Adopting influencer marketing, Allan Toniks, real names Allan Ampaire was named the official brand ambassador of Rocket Health Uganda.

    The “AWO” hitmaker announced the partnership in a recent social media post where he directed his audience to Dial *280# to access quality, reliable and convenient health care with a hashtag. #AWOKuNear”

    This was a smooth launch and we definitely liked it.

    5.Kiss FM Launch

    Earlier this year, Hot 100 FM Radio officially announced its closure after over 15 years on air.

    A new station was born after Hot 100 FM tumbled down the steep ravine of business failure through ana acquisition by Capital Radio Limited.

    Hot 100 FM was previously owned by Aga Sekalala Jr, who is also Managing Director of Radio Simba.

    The acquisition is in a bid to revive its fortunes in tune with the most appealing music for the growing youth segment.

    Launched on Monday 29th August 2022 the station kickstarted programming on FM frequency 100.9 with veteran Radio personality McKenzie as host.

    The big idea

    The new station is set to entertain urban youth with ‘Hot Hits’ and vibrant vibes from the station’s young presenters.

    The radio launched with an experienced morning show that will be done by Brian McKenzie from 6:00AM -10:00 AM who carries the brand DNA and is expected to mentor and guide the rest of the young presenters.


    Kampala woke up to a team of cyclists wearing Kiss FM branded reflector jackets with a clear message of a new radio station in town.

    That was extended by social media by selected micro influencers with the sister company Capital FM endorsement.

    Since then, the rave has continued to boost listenership and brand awareness.

    Kudos to the teams and agencies behind this launch.

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