Marketing Spotlight: Simon Kaheru

Simon Kaheru

Marketing communication being a fundamental and complex part of a company’s marketing efforts. It involves advertising, direct marketing, branding, packaging, your online presence, PR activities, sales presentations, sponsorships among others.


For Marketing  Communications in Uganda, one such a guru is Simon Kaheru.

In our May 2021 marketing spotlight, we take a closer look at one of Uganda`s  most accomplished Marketing Communications professional.



Simon`s career spans over 25 years with his current employment being Director of Public Affairs and Communications at Coca-Cola Beverages Africa Uganda since October 2017.

Simon has had four years of Senior management with Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods organization, managing Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility and Logistics.

He put in Nine years in mainstream media and desk operations, at a Senior media management with a busy English newspaper, The New Vision.

Simon previously had Two years of Communications and Relationship management with the Government of Uganda.

He dedicated his Nineteen years to manage Media Analyst, a New Age Media firm providing value added services for a wide range of clients and partners in East and Central Africa.

The Kings College Budo Old Boy is a key member of Public Relations Association of Uganda(PRAU),American Chamber of Commerce(AmCham) Uganda, a professional association affiliated with the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. which is an important forum for investors and businesses to network, share experience, and coordinate efforts.

He is also the current Board chairman of ICT Associations of Uganda with a  Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications, Journalism and Related programs from the Prestigious Makerere University among his other academic qualifications.

Why Simon Stands out

Aside his rich experience, Simon has mentored over 300 communications professionals, presided over 1000 events as a moderator/ public speaker and has worked in major sectors including Government, Private sector, media and now in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods( FMCG) world.

Simon has also previously  served as  a Director-Member of the Board for Uganda Broadcasting Services(UBC)

Evolve Africa therefore  recognizes and celebrates Simon`s excellence for his big contribution towards developing professional Marketing Communications in Uganda

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Marketing Excellence Spotlight

Jackie Rukare Namara Chartered Marketer, FCIM

If you want to master the art of doing anything, learn from the best. Not just their best moments, but their challenges too. For Marketing in Uganda, one such gem is Jackie Namara Rukare.

She has sailed deep waters and has played at some of the biggest  Marketing stages.

In our April marketing spotlight, we take a closer look at the rare treasure Jackie is.


Jackie is one of the few Fellows and chartered marketers of Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK). A chartered Marketer is a status that recognizes purely outstanding marketers in the industry. This is currently accessible by members graded by CIM—the largest professional marketing body in the world.

Jackie has over 20 years of experience in strategy, marketing communications, customer experience, building and managing brands. That’s two decades of solid  business growth support, and a test of time.

Her career began in the mid-90s with a one-year cameo at Bank of Uganda. She later moved to Uniliver where she worked as a Brand Manager – Laundry and Personal Wash

She also served at Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) as a brand Manager before being named the Group Brand Manager. Here, she worked for two years before moving to Airtel Uganda.

She later moved to work as the Head of marketing at Stanbic Bank Uganda, a position she held for nearly a decade. This is no mean feat.

Jackie later moved to Vodafone Uganda in the same capacity, where she worked for 2 years before they exited the Ugandan market. She still soared with outstanding delivery.

Entrepreneurship Marketing

With decades of experience, it was no surprise that Jackie decided to swim in the muddy waters of entrepreneurship, a step she took largely out of conviction rather than profit.

In 2011, she co-founded Sugar Cubes— a support group for children and families living with diabetes aiming to provide care, education and support through diabetes education and advocacy to enable children to grow up healthy, well-adjusted and productive adults.

Four years ago, Jackie consolidated her marketing prowess into a consulting firm—Iguru Consult Limited, an agency which serves to help business thrive through Strategy, Marketing and Communications.

Why Jackie Stands out

Well, away from the obvious two decades of rich experience, Jackie is working to ensure that her legacy lasts forever. She lectures graduate students at the prestigious Uganda Management Institute and MAT Abacus Business School on how to prioritize marketing for sustained business growth and development.

The soft-spoken mother has mentored close to 300 Marketing and Communications professionals and serves as a key member of the Uganda Marketers Society (UMS).

The vibrant Rotarian also stands tall among the many for her accomplished academic background, making her one of the few Fellows and Chartered Marketers in Uganda.

With  over two decades of excellence in the Marketing practice, academic qualifications, mentorship and coaching support, Jackie Namara Rukare is a living legend that’s ought to be celebrated.

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March Marketing Wrap Up

What we liked in March 2021

In the month of March, marketing teams at different organizations had their heads spinning, all strategizing on how to increase market share. This meant partnerships, launches, and alignment with their most promising audience groups. These are some of the marketing activities that stood out;

FINCA Digital Launch #DigitalIsHeree)
Now for quite a while, FINCA has been working in the background to expand service delivery to their customers. Like all Microfinance firms in Uganda, FINCA is not allowed to operate Visa cards and Agent Banking directly. A limitation as it may seem, this was an inspiration for the marketing team led by Primrose Kobusingye to strike strategic partnerships with the likes of Centenary Bank and UBA Centenary will now be providing FINCA customers with fast deposits and withdrawals at their agent locations across the country. That alone comes with scale and convenience like never before. UBA on the other hand will be providing FINCA with Visa cards to enable cross-border transactions online and at point of sale locations. This is a manifestation of every modern marketer’s dream—perfect collaborations instead of competition. #marketing #digitalmarketing #partnerships #influencermarketing

MTN Uganda Pulse Nation
Last month we told you how MTN’s creative agency TBWA\Uganda keeps churning out masterpiece after the other. They weren’t done yet. In March, they unveiled Pulse Nation. It’s meant to be some sort of tribe—a belonging where youths can get best deals on data, shopping and more. The TVC, Oh my! It’s another spectacular proof that with enough creativity and top-notch casting, you can create magic anywhere. The voicing by Lagum the Rapper makes it even more complete.

DFCU Bank Bounce Back Loan
Point me to someone who wasn’t affected by COVID-19. If it wasn’t a job lost, or loss of customers and relatives, you probably couldn’t do what you love most. In one way or the other, everyone was affected. Now DFCU came out with a campaign and loan offer that enables customers to borrow up to UGX 250M within 24 hours without putting up security. Of course this has terms and conditions, but that’s possibly the best way to jumpstart SMEs that have been struggling with bills and rent.

Pepsi “Drink Like A Champion”
For years, Pepsi has always been one of the biggest supporters of Football. What better way can you align with your customers’ interests than bringing them their favorite stars?

In their Champion’s League campaign, Pepsi is giving back to their customers with over UGX 50 Million available in prizes every week. What stood out with this execution is the fact that you can win instant 50K if you collect crowns that form a name like “Messi, Pogba, Sancho”. Very cool and simple.

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Marketing Personality of the Month

Primrose Kobusingye ACIM,MBA

The English adage,` the first impression makes a lasting impression` is not always correct. With Primrose, you never know what to expect. The research I had made showed an ambitious and aggressive person. I come to our meeting venue with minutes to spare and waited. In my mind, I had an image of a middle-aged woman, 5”5 tall or thereabout.

Primrose arrived at the exact time. Clad in a simple black dress with short colored hair, her energy could not be ignored as she walked through the doors with a firm gait – straight towards me. She looked to be in her late 20s and nothing close to the 5”5

“Hi, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting”, she said. I was in incredulity at the person who was taking a seat right next to me. Cheeky and confident in the same measure. With this type of persona, everything about her high-flying career started to fall in line.

She gradually grew through the ranks in the corporate ladder that saw her assume the position of Acting Head of Marketing Orient Bank at only the age of 27. She has gone on to shake ceilings in the marketing sphere at Ecobank and FINCA.

What makes Primrose Kobusingye our Marketing Personality of the Month for March

On Tuesday 16th March 2021, Primrose spearheaded the launch of FINCA Digital drive dubbed #DigitalIsHere, taking over the digital space in Uganda with leading hashtags

Through its partnerships with Centenary Bank, Eclectics and UBA Bank, FINCA is now able to offer its customers cutting edge digital services through CenteAgent, FINCA mobile and UBA powered VISA card, ATM, and POS terminals

The integration is a first of its kind where banks put competition aside and join hands for financial inclusion for Ugandans
Against all odds, she managed to pull off one of the most amazing Partnership Marketing campaigns with leading Commercial banks -Centenary Bank, UBA Bank in one room.

As a marketing outfit of the digital era, Evolve Africa couldn’t miss to recognize this effort and so we congratulate Primrose & all FINCA staff for pulling this off amazingly.

On the Education side, Primrose holds a Bachelor of Mass Communication from Makerere University, is an Associate of Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK (ACIM), and a Master of Business Administration (MBA)-Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications from Cyprus International Institute of Management and a member of PRAU

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