March Marketing Wrap Up

What we liked in March 2021

In the month of March, marketing teams at different organizations had their heads spinning, all strategizing on how to increase market share. This meant partnerships, launches, and alignment with their most promising audience groups. These are some of the marketing activities that stood out;

FINCA Digital Launch #DigitalIsHeree)
Now for quite a while, FINCA has been working in the background to expand service delivery to their customers. Like all Microfinance firms in Uganda, FINCA is not allowed to operate Visa cards and Agent Banking directly. A limitation as it may seem, this was an inspiration for the marketing team led by Primrose Kobusingye to strike strategic partnerships with the likes of Centenary Bank and UBA Centenary will now be providing FINCA customers with fast deposits and withdrawals at their agent locations across the country. That alone comes with scale and convenience like never before. UBA on the other hand will be providing FINCA with Visa cards to enable cross-border transactions online and at point of sale locations. This is a manifestation of every modern marketer’s dream—perfect collaborations instead of competition. #marketing #digitalmarketing #partnerships #influencermarketing

MTN Uganda Pulse Nation
Last month we told you how MTN’s creative agency TBWA\Uganda keeps churning out masterpiece after the other. They weren’t done yet. In March, they unveiled Pulse Nation. It’s meant to be some sort of tribe—a belonging where youths can get best deals on data, shopping and more. The TVC, Oh my! It’s another spectacular proof that with enough creativity and top-notch casting, you can create magic anywhere. The voicing by Lagum the Rapper makes it even more complete.

DFCU Bank Bounce Back Loan
Point me to someone who wasn’t affected by COVID-19. If it wasn’t a job lost, or loss of customers and relatives, you probably couldn’t do what you love most. In one way or the other, everyone was affected. Now DFCU came out with a campaign and loan offer that enables customers to borrow up to UGX 250M within 24 hours without putting up security. Of course this has terms and conditions, but that’s possibly the best way to jumpstart SMEs that have been struggling with bills and rent.

Pepsi “Drink Like A Champion”
For years, Pepsi has always been one of the biggest supporters of Football. What better way can you align with your customers’ interests than bringing them their favorite stars?

In their Champion’s League campaign, Pepsi is giving back to their customers with over UGX 50 Million available in prizes every week. What stood out with this execution is the fact that you can win instant 50K if you collect crowns that form a name like “Messi, Pogba, Sancho”. Very cool and simple.

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