Marketing Personality of the Month

Primrose Kobusingye ACIM,MBA

The English adage,` the first impression makes a lasting impression` is not always correct. With Primrose, you never know what to expect. The research I had made showed an ambitious and aggressive person. I come to our meeting venue with minutes to spare and waited. In my mind, I had an image of a middle-aged woman, 5”5 tall or thereabout.

Primrose arrived at the exact time. Clad in a simple black dress with short colored hair, her energy could not be ignored as she walked through the doors with a firm gait – straight towards me. She looked to be in her late 20s and nothing close to the 5”5

“Hi, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting”, she said. I was in incredulity at the person who was taking a seat right next to me. Cheeky and confident in the same measure. With this type of persona, everything about her high-flying career started to fall in line.

She gradually grew through the ranks in the corporate ladder that saw her assume the position of Acting Head of Marketing Orient Bank at only the age of 27. She has gone on to shake ceilings in the marketing sphere at Ecobank and FINCA.

What makes Primrose Kobusingye our Marketing Personality of the Month for March

On Tuesday 16th March 2021, Primrose spearheaded the launch of FINCA Digital drive dubbed #DigitalIsHere, taking over the digital space in Uganda with leading hashtags

Through its partnerships with Centenary Bank, Eclectics and UBA Bank, FINCA is now able to offer its customers cutting edge digital services through CenteAgent, FINCA mobile and UBA powered VISA card, ATM, and POS terminals

The integration is a first of its kind where banks put competition aside and join hands for financial inclusion for Ugandans
Against all odds, she managed to pull off one of the most amazing Partnership Marketing campaigns with leading Commercial banks -Centenary Bank, UBA Bank in one room.

As a marketing outfit of the digital era, Evolve Africa couldn’t miss to recognize this effort and so we congratulate Primrose & all FINCA staff for pulling this off amazingly.

On the Education side, Primrose holds a Bachelor of Mass Communication from Makerere University, is an Associate of Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK (ACIM), and a Master of Business Administration (MBA)-Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications from Cyprus International Institute of Management and a member of PRAU

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