Top marketing Campaigns July 2021

July was yet a special month in Uganda`s marketing calendar with over 15 campaigns launched.

With a lockdown in place, various brands had to up their A game to stand out of the crowd.

The following are top 5 campaigns we liked.

1. TAASA OBUTONDE CAMPAIGN BY VIVO ENERGY in partnership with NBS, UBL, Stanbic Bank, NEMA

Vivo energy Uganda, the holders of SHELL license in Africa continue to champion the best Environmental conservation and CSR campaigns in Uganda. With global challenges like Global warming, brands without strategic plans for environmental and social performance management of its stakeholders will soon pay a steep price.

Launched on May 18th with a stakeholder presser, the Taasa Obutondee which is a Luganda statement for Save the Environment gained momentum in July with its Top of mind awareness.

We liked this campaign for its educative content from soil conservation to animal protection and reduced use of Kaveera/Polythene bags in places like landing sites. These have affected our drainage systems and soil hence drastic effects in future.

The adoption of partnership marketing with stakeholders like UBL, Stanbic Bank, ACODE, NBS and NEMA on this campaign didn’t go unnoticed.

Kudos to the teams from all these brands for taking a big step towards saving the environment. Tusaasee Ubutonde indeed.


Uganda`s Telecom giant is never late to responding to market conditions. With amazing informative, educational and compelling campaigns, the `Everywhere you go` team unveiled `One more push` campaign an extension of ` Wear it for me` campaign of 2020.

Internal marketing at MTN Uganda is definitely superb. This time we witnessed employees and MTN brand ambassadors highly involved in posting artworks bearing their images on social media to enhance reach and awareness.

Marketing is best done if it is educative, inspirational or entertaining and in this case, the adoption of influencer marketing through media personalities like Douglas Lwanga of Next Media, Josephine Karungi of NTV was the best tactic.

Additionally, both offline and online communication channels worked well to emphasize the one more push message to achieve the education objective of wearing of masks one more time and contain the high COVID 19 infection rate.


Club beats at home 2021 was announced on 5th July and Kampala`s young, trendy and party goers were over the moon.

Its remembered that during the 2020 lockdown, Club Beer held the most organised, well curated and premium online concerts featuring different Ugandan trending entertainers. This time, it wasn’t any different with Fenon Events, Uganda`s No.1 Premium events agency behind the concert.

Entertainers headlined by Queen Sheeba, Ziza Bafana, Unknown, Kyansi Nalubega and hosted by Douglas Lwanga gave epic and electrifying performances.

This was a continuation of their Bring the Club home campaign under their BEER NOW initiative.

To the curators of the July Club Beats online concert, we liked the stage set up, lighting and energetic entertainers. You outdid your selves on this and kudos.


The COVID19 pandemic has changed the Brewery business model completely and this didn’t spare Nile Breweries either.

With limited entertainment and closure of bars, its key distribution channel, the Brewery giant had to innovate around its process element of the marketing mix and last mile delivery by introducing the BEER NOW platform. This is an online market place for all its brands which needed a big push.

We liked this campaign for its one voice across brands like Nile special, Club, Castle Lite and sponsored social media adverts aiming at increasing massive reach and client education. The phrases like `Wenywele wama!`, `home is where the kafunda is` caught our attention and we believe the targeted audience acted accordingly to that message.

Crowns off to the team behind this amazing campaign at the Luzira Based Brewery.


For long, Government agencies and parastatals lagged behind the private sector in pushing marketing communication initiatives but the Taxman just flipped the coin in July.

URA came up with various initiatives in July including Tujenge Uganda, Kakasa with Kapo but what caught our attention was the July Online Tax Lounge campaign.

The campaign included a series of online radio talk shows, webinars on different Taxes and tariffs on a clean branded and well-lit online TV dubbed URA TV.

Different employees were involved to discuss different subjects regarding Tax and this added a big punch towards their education journey on the need to pay tax. The campaign ran across all digital platforms with some offline engagements and we liked this level of integration. Indeed the taxman wants his taxes paid.

If you are not noticing something amazing happening at the Nakawa based Tower, we are.

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