Top Uganda 5 marketing campaigns in June 2021

Half year has seen marketing brains in different brands come to the party with amazing well thought through marketing initiatives including campaigns, product launches among others.

With a rise in COVID19 and the current lockdown, brands had to think out of the box to align their business targets.

 The marketing activities below stood out for us;


UBL is celebrating 75 years in Uganda and with its flagship brand, BELL Lager, a campaign dubbed `Mpola Enjoyments` was launched and this time with a twist to the younger generation.

Now let’s focus on the TVC. It’s a spectacular concept with top of the end simple casting but magical delivery. This has trended especially on YouTube.

It features a youthful and colorful vibe with youngsters like Fik Fameika, Crsyto Panda among others enjoying BELL with barbeque on a sunset chill.

The background music was great with a deep voice over which effectively communicated to the younger audience in under 5 minutes. I hope it features in our AD OF THE YEAR` category.

Now! That’s why we liked it.


Point us to a sector that has not affected by COVID-19. If it wasn’t a job lost, or loss of customers and relatives, you probably couldn’t do what you love most. In one way or the other, everyone was affected.

Now, UTB came out with a campaign dubbed `POA STAR SEARCH` fusing entertainment and Tourism. Amazing, Right?

Uganda`s Entertainment giant, Talent Africa Group was tasked to execute it and we loved the countrywide star search, studio sessions at TAG Studios,game drives with participants in different National parks showcasing Uganda`s beauty, the  various mentorship sessions with influencers like Navio, Joanita Kawalya, The Mith, Cindy Sanyu among others.

This being a completely new concept, UTB had to do a grand virtual launch with different stakeholders, open fresh social media and website www.poastar.com and what a wow, we liked the integrated marketing communications executed during this campaign without forgetting the high uptake in terms of followers, likes, retweets, video shares on social media among others. YouTube and Instagram played a key role since it was more of videos and visuals

The search is still ongoing and we shall keep you updated on the winners and campaign report if shared.


Africa`s no. 1 online store, Jumia was celebrating its 9th Anniversary and the best way to do it was through a sale that started on June 14th to 30th 2021.

The sale had mega discounts on items like electronics, home consumables, liquors among others. For two weeks, shoppers were all over social media jubilating on the best the sale so far this year.

Jumia Uganda has over 18 million followers on Facebook and over 5,000 on Twitter, which guaranteed success of the different above and below the line tactics including social media marketing, email, Radio, spot ads, SMS marketing among others.

Artists like Spice Diana with a huge following in Instagram endorsed the campaign mainly through short videos that crossed to even WhatsApp.

This campaign ran across JUMIA Group but trust me, these chaps have mastered the concept of localizing campaigns to drive appeal in each market hence achieving business objectives.

If that wasn’t marketing excellence, we don’t know what it is!


After close to a year of no signs of goodies and prizes when you shop with your card at Game Shopping store, the Blue Weekends are finally back but this time with a wow touch. Happening every end of month and into the first weekend of the new month. The masters of card payments in Uganda brought back this amazing card usage concept and this time bigger and better.

For every card transaction/shopping of at least Ugx 100,000, customer were winning instant shopping vouchers and if you didn’t have a card, an instant account and card would be opened for you.

Now that’s a wow customer acquisition strategy and marketing excellence to us. Indeed it can be!


It started with MTN launching bundles that donot expire and this time Airtel launches a better deal all together.

Subscribers of Airtel Uganda now have a chance to enjoy mobile data bundles that do not expire. This was after the Telecom giant launched Chillux bundles that offer unlimited usage for its subscribers with a 4G experience

The launch was  well executed with a fairly good TVC and radio engagements with a special touch of a royal entourage by influencer marketing that involved the Serena based TV presenters Lynda Ddane and MC Esco to effectively communicate to the campaign intended audience .That was cool and simple.

To all the Marketing brains behind the above brands, you`ve got served!

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